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1st Month Live

After our launch back at the end of November 2015, we where excited as to what our first month live would bring. Finally we could get the chance to hear what people thought about our app, and watch them implement it into their daily routines. Most of us think of Christmas as time when, the […]


It’s time to get off that boring treadmill because getting leaner has just got a whole lot easier! WALK IT OFF There is a large amount of hype surrounding running and how great you feel in all your tight layers and new trainers. However walking has been proven by the American Heart Foundation to be […]

Become a part of the FitFlash Diary!

Recently we decided on a new way of engaging with the public through the use of video! The thought came after receiving fantastic feedback across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we thought it was a great idea. We came up with the idea of “FitFlash Diary” by using our YouTube account each month we aim to […]

Teenage entrepreneur launches new fitness app

A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur schoolgirl is launching a new fitness social media app to rival Instagram. Lydia Jones came up with the idea for ‘FitFlash’ as a way of beating the isolation of home schooling. The teenager who has been tutored at home since she was 15 wanted to find a way of making new friends […]

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