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Know your Carb Timing

Are you confused whether to eat your carbs pre or post workout? Then look no further than this article, where we tell you everything you need to know!   Many people are scared of carbohydrates due to believing they cause you to become fat, leading to them causing many heated debates within the fitness world especially […]


It’s time to get off that boring treadmill because getting leaner has just got a whole lot easier! WALK IT OFF There is a large amount of hype surrounding running and how great you feel in all your tight layers and new trainers. However walking has been proven by the American Heart Foundation to be […]

Become a part of the FitFlash Diary!

Recently we decided on a new way of engaging with the public through the use of video! The thought came after receiving fantastic feedback across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we thought it was a great idea. We came up with the idea of “FitFlash Diary” by using our YouTube account each month we aim to […]

Burn Body Fat & Build Muscle

This muscle building routine will leave your arms feeling pumped! With a 10 second rest between sets and 30 seconds between each exercise; Lets push to exhaustion and get that growth hormone kick. Get ready to sweat!     Equipment Needed Weighted Barbell Weighted EZ-bar Flat Weight Bench 01 – STANDING BARBELL BICEP CURL ( […]

The Magical Refeed Day!

Have you heard about the trending “refeed day” ? The power of a refeed can improve both your metal and physical condition. With low carb diets, many fitness enthusiasts are lacking in their Leptin levels, leading to a slow metabolism and no fat loss.   No Results? Are you fed up of dieting and seeing […]

Should We Always Believe The Scales?

We all love progress! It’s a known fact we all love to see a new reading on our scales, hoping that all the hard work and effort we have put in has finally payed off. But how can we really know, that the scales are telling the truth? In this article we will guide you […]

Are you taking the right supplements for your goal?

Supplementation We all know what the standard vitamin C and D are beneficial for, but when it comes to fitness and making sure you’re reaching the right nutritional intake it can be difficult finding out what supplements you need to add to your healthy well balanced lifestyle. In this quick and easy guide we will […]

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