What do we really stand for?

Many people have asked us ” What does FitFlash stand for?” and the truth is over time our answer has changed due to our users key behaviours. So today we thought that based on our experience, A/B tests and knowledge of our user base we would share what we stand for and why.

Recently our team participated in fun, mind blowing, coffee filled 8 hour workshop… one which many great features happened to be born. But unlike any casual meet up our main aim was to understand what exactly we stand for and most importantly why?

So based on everything we talked about we decided that we needed to be able to describe what FitFlash stands for within five seconds and few words.

By now your probably wondering what our big line is right? Well here it is – ” To inspire people to share what makes them brilliant, and for them to inspire others to do the same”

Yeah we know… it sounds simple but really it has great thought and meaning behind each word used.


Inspire people – Show them, motivate them and interact on their level.

Share – Communicate, engage and encourage others.

Makes them brilliant – Celebrating difference, courage and positivity.

Them to inspire – Pass it on, pay it forward and do something bigger than one person.

To do the same – Do it their way, climb their Everest and finally to achieve their own set goals.

From this fantastic sentence we discovered that our why has changed over time and this what we got!

We exist to tackle THREE basic things.

Doing these THREE things, we can make a difference.

1 – Challenging stereotypes – Giving people the opportunity to break away from labels and see the brilliance of a person’s individual challenges and achievements.

2 – Activate people – Get people moving and caring about themselves and others; giving people reason to look deep inside themselves and see their counter points in others.

3 – Nature communities – Provide platforms that allow like-minded characters to come together, share a passion and inspire each other to do more, go further and aim higher!

We hope this provided you with our meaning and most importantly why… but ask yourself the question

What is your why?

Snap, Share & Support – #TeamFitFlash






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