Our Interview with FitFlash user @Kali1989 from Texas!


We recently spoke to passionate FitFlash user Kaleb Lacy about his fitness journey and how our community has helped him achieve great things! 

1 – How was FitFlash benefited you?

The FitFlash app is a tremendous motivational tool that keeps me consistent in my fitness life style and influences me to embrace various positive coping mechanisms with every day stress! I have gained muscle mass, lost weight, and consistently have a more positive attitude about life all together.

2 – What do you think makes FitFlash different than other apps?

I have completely removed myself from all social media sites except the FitFlash app. This app unlike the rest, inspires positivity and productiveness.. Therefore is well worth having.

3 – Was you interested in fitness and health before joining FitFlash? If so then what was you interested in and why?

I have been interested in fitness my entire life. In my opinion, all aspects of fitness are worth practicing and being familiar with. My personal philosophy on happiness begins with fitness. I believe that if you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle, then all other aspects of your life will be negatively impacted. The FitFlash app encourages the most significant quintessential aspect of our lives!

4 – What do you like most about the community?

The community is hands down the best aspect of this app. There is no bickering, not fighting.. Only positive encouragement and the passing along of knowledge!

5 – Would you recommend FitFlash to someone els? If so then what type of person and why?

I would recommend this app to anyone alive. If there is one social media app which merits your time, it’s this one.

6 – Do you believe FitFlash can become a well known global app? If so then why

If FitFlash does not become a global app, then I may just lose faith in humanity it is far too beneficial to not have.

7 – What makes you so passionate about health and fitness?

I believe that if your health and fitness aren’t well, then every other aspect of your life will suffer substantially. Some people don’t even know how good they could have it by using FitFlash.

8 – Finally If you rated FitFlash on the App Store how much stars would you give it and why?

I have never rated an app before so I don’t know the scale to which it’s measured, but suffice it to say that whatever measurement is used presently.. Is not enough to contain the amount of stars that this app deserves.

9 – How did you discover FitFlash?

I first discovered FitFlash on the Instagram app.

10 – How old are you?

I’m 26 years old

11 – What was your role in the marines and what made you gain weight before joining FitFlash?

In the United States Marine Corps I was an Infantryman. I served two tours to Afghanistan and saw/done everything you would expect from war. Very soon after returning home the second time, my father was diagnosed terminally ill with brain cancer. I left the Marines to be with my father as he passed. The combination of combat stress, adjusting to civilian life, and my father dying more each day caused me to become super stressed and I began packing on the weight.

12 – Where about are you from?

Sherman, Texas


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