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Fitness Social Media App

Fitness Social Media AppWe are proud to announce that we have just launched on the Apple AppStore today! After a few months in development and marketing finally the real journey has begun, we would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who has helped out along the way from the people around the world wearing our t-shirts, and getting in the FitFlash frame to the developers who have helped out too!


Fitness Social Media AppWe can’t wait to receive your feedback on our app, and most importantly for you guys to join our friendly fitness community! We plan to become the biggest social media for health and fitness and with your help we can achieve anything. Wether you want to lose weight, build muscle, join a new group or simply be a part of a motivated and inspiring community full of passionate people with the same interests then our app is just for you! Log your workouts, share your goals, receive high-fives from friends and leave private comments on fellow users posts boosting their confidence.


Make sure you give us a download and start sharing your journey today…


Fitness Social Media App

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