Posts From: October 2015


It’s time to get off that boring treadmill because getting leaner has just got a whole lot easier! WALK IT OFF There is a large amount of hype surrounding running and how great you feel in all your tight layers and new trainers. However walking has been proven by the American Heart Foundation to be […]

Become a part of the FitFlash Diary!

Recently we decided on a new way of engaging with the public through the use of video! The thought came after receiving fantastic feedback across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter we thought it was a great idea. We came up with the idea of “FitFlash Diary” by using our YouTube account each month we aim to […]

Why weight lifting for women is great!

It seems that in todays society women are afraid to get too close to the weights rack whilst in the gym. So they choose to stay in the cardio area along with all the treadmills and cross-trainers. But if they only knew the missing secret to reaching their body goal is lifting those scary weights. […]

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