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Supplement Review – USN Whey Protein Premium Chocolate Cream

A big thanks to the guys at Team USN UK, they have provided me with some great samples for review so today I’ll be reviewing the USN Whey Protein Premium. My initial thoughts about the product was the packaging, they’ve kept the design simple yet effective giving the consumer a clear idea as to what the supplement is all about. I have tested a range of other supplement brands so I have the knowledge and experience to compare the different brands and their nutritional content. Packed with 24g of protein as well as 10g of BCAAs, L-Glutamine and Glutamic Acid this supplement offers on average 5g more BCAA’s than most other supplement brands currently on the market. For anyone who is training at a high intensity, this shake provides them with an effective recovery to maximise their results.

USN Whey Protein


I would rate the overall taste of the shake 4 out of 5 stars, I’m not a huge chocolate protein shake fan but the taste wasn’t too over powering for my taste buds unlike most other brands. The shake had a light texture so it didn’t leave me feeling bloated afterwards which is always a good quality for a shake to have, additionally there was no bad after taste which certainly impressed me since many shakes fail in that aspect. The only downside that I noticed with this protein is that the product didn’t seem to mix well in my shaker like most others do, however I don’t consider that a major turn off as the shake itself is a great protein fix for whenever you need it.


Overall Opinion

If you were to ask me wether I would recommend this particular protein to someone else my honest reply would be yes. The fact that USN is able to create such a powerful, concentrated and well rounded any time protein has certainly made me question why their brand and team are not more well known. But that’s not all, you’ll be pleased to know that the protein also has added lactase to help with lactose digestion so this shake should be fine for any of you who usually have trouble with lactose!


Make sure you give this product a try if you’re after a great priced nutritionally packed protein shake that aids recovery!

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