Posts From: September 2015
USN"s Casesin Protein


Team USN UK have kindly sent me out some great samples of their latest supplements to review, today’s review is going to be about their latest Casein supplement. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below in the comment area!   Who should use this Casein product and when is the best […]

The 5 Rules Of Tricep Training

Are you fed up of training your triceps until they’re numb and getting no results for the pain? Read on, to find out the key tips for optimum tricep building.   1 – TRAIN TWICE PER WEEK If your someone who only trains triceps once per week, then we have news for you.. why not train them twice a week […]

USN Whey Protein Review

Supplement Review – USN Whey Protein Premium Chocolate Cream A big thanks to the guys at Team USN UK, they have provided me with some great samples for review so today I’ll be reviewing the USN Whey Protein Premium. My initial thoughts about the product was the packaging, they’ve kept the design simple yet effective giving the […]

What Protein Powder to Choose?

There are a lot of different protein powder variants currently on the market, all with different nutritional content and brand names, this can make it hard to choose which one is right for you. Here are some quick and simple guidelines to follow next time you purchase some protein…     In an age where […]

Burn Body Fat & Build Muscle

This muscle building routine will leave your arms feeling pumped! With a 10 second rest between sets and 30 seconds between each exercise; Lets push to exhaustion and get that growth hormone kick. Get ready to sweat!     Equipment Needed Weighted Barbell Weighted EZ-bar Flat Weight Bench 01 – STANDING BARBELL BICEP CURL ( […]

Tribes – The book that changed my perspective.

Recently my friend dragged me to a local book store in search for a new read, and whilst I was waiting, surrounded by hundreds of books; one caught my attention. Titled with the name ” Tribes” with the cover showing a large crowd of people huddled together, and a certain sentence that instantly made me […]

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