Posts From: June 2015


Are you fed up of the same old boring smoothie? Then let us help you, we’ll teach you step by step how to make the most nutritious and refreshing beverage this summer! We all know smoothies include fruit, right?! Well be aware too much fruit means high amounts of sugar resulting to no definition to […]

30 minutes & a barbell to torch body fat!

Do you want to burn twice the amount of body fat in 30 minutes? Then simply find space and grab a modest weight barbell! This killer workout consists of fifty reps in total of five exercises with no intervals in between repeat this for four rounds and feel your muscles burn.This workout is designed to […]

Teenage entrepreneur launches new fitness app

A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD entrepreneur schoolgirl is launching a new fitness social media app to rival Instagram. Lydia Jones came up with the idea for ‘FitFlash’ as a way of beating the isolation of home schooling. The teenager who has been tutored at home since she was 15 wanted to find a way of making new friends […]

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